Is Agger a word?


[KEY]Where is Jonathan Agnew today?[/KEY]

While still a player, Agnew began a career in cricket journalism and commentary. Since his retirement as a player, he has become a leading voice of cricket on radio, as the BBC Radio cricket correspondent and as a commentator on Test Match Special.


How old is Jonathan Agnew?

61 years (April 4, 1960) Jonathan Agnew/Age

What does Egger mean?

noun. egg·​er | \\ ˈegə(r), ˈāg- \\ plural -s. Definition of egger (Entry 2 of 2) : one that collects the eggs of wild birds especially for gain.


[KEY]Is Agger a Scrabble word?[/KEY]

Yes, agger is in the scrabble dictionary.


Who are the commentators on Test Match Special?

Current TMS commentators include:

  • Jonathan Agnew (“Aggers”) (1991–)
  • Simon Mann (1996–)
  • Alison Mitchell (2007–)
  • Kevin Howells (2007–)
  • Charles Dagnall (“Daggers”) (2012–)
  • Daniel Norcross (2016–)
  • Isa Guha (2018–)
  • Henry Moeran (2019–)

Who is the woman commentator on Test Match Special?

Alison Mitchell Alison Mitchell (born 17 January 1980) is an English cricket commentator and sports broadcaster. She was the first woman to become a regular commentator on the BBC’s Test Match Special, and has been commentating on men’s and women’s international cricket around the world since 2007.

Did Jonathan Agnew play England?

Jonathan Agnew’s career as the BBC’s cricket correspondent has been so successful, it’s easy to forget that he ever played the game. But, as a thrusting seam bowler in the 1980s, he played three Tests for England before taking up his position in the commentary box.

Who took 666 first class wickets?

John David Frederick Larter (born 24 April 1940, Inverness, Scotland) is a former Scottish cricketer, who played in ten Tests for England from 1962 to 1965.

Where did Jonathan Agnew go to school?

Uppingham School Jonathan Agnew/Education

How tall is Jonathan Agnew?

6′ 4″ Jonathan Agnew/Height

Where does the last name Eggers originate from?

North German: patronymic from the personal name Eggert (see Eckert). Dutch: patronymic from the personal name Egger 2.

What is a Harrower?

A farm implement consisting of a heavy frame with sharp teeth or upright disks, used to break up and even off plowed ground. tr.v. har·rowed, har·row·ing, har·rows.

What does Egure mean?

Having or showing keen interest, intense desire, or impatient expectancy. See Usage Note at anxious. 2. Obsolete Tart; sharp; cutting. [Middle English eger, sour, sharp, impetuous, from Anglo-Norman egre, from Latin ācer; see ak- in Indo-European roots.]

Does the Appian Way still exist?

The Appian Way (or in Italian, via Appia Antica) was Europe’s first super highway and remains one of the best attractions in Rome. Possibly the oldest road still in existence, it was ancient Rome’s most important military and economic artery and it’s largely intact today!


[KEY]Who actually built the Roman roads?[/KEY]

All the roads of the Roman Empire were built by the Roman military. There was nobody else who could do it. So the Roman military employed specialists within the Roman units to actually do the work.


How can I listen to TMS?

TMS is now live! Listen online via your PC, smartphone or tablet at the BBC Radio 5 live sports extra website.

Is TMS on long wave?

Originally it was dedicated to test matches, but it now covers all kinds of professional cricket. Test Match Special broadcasts on Radio 4 long wave, BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra and online. To listen on Radio 4 long wave, tune into 198 kHz on the AM band of your radio.

How can I listen to TMS abroad?

How to listen to TMS abroad?

  1. Get NordVPN (£2.69/month) or Ivacy (£1.02/month)
  2. Download and install the app on your Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK.
  4. Open BBC iPlayer Radio and steam TMS on BBC 5Live Sports Extra.

Who is the female commentator on Channel 7?

Seven’s commentary team features Lisa Sthalekar, Elyse Villani, Holly Ferling, Erin Holland, Brad Hodge, Jason Richardson, Andy Maher, Alister Nicholson and Simon Taufel.

Who is the female commentator on Channel 9?

Cricket Australia put Jones’ name forward in 2007 to commentate on the women’s Twenty20 international, covered by Australia’s Channel 9. Since then, Jones has commentated on women’s internationals covered by Channel 9, as well as providing commentary for men’s and women’s games on ABC Radio.

Who is commentating on TMS now?

Other than Vaughan and Guha, the likes of Jonathan Agnew, Simon Mann, Daniel Norcross, Phil Tuffnell, Vick Marks, Jeremy Coney and Andy Zaltzman are part of a nine-member commentary team for this series.

Who has the highest first-class average?

Don Bradman Don Bradman holds the all-time record for the highest first-class average of 95.14 in 234 matches.

Which opening batsman has scored 5000 ODI runs in just 50 innings?

This article is based on the list of fastest 5000 run scorers in the ODIs. This opener batsman of South Africa is the current world record holder in fastest 5000 runs scorer in the ODIs. Amla completed 5000 runs in ODIs after playing just 101 innings.

Who has most first-class wickets in England?

Already on top of the list for most first-class wickets among active cricketers, England great James Anderson on Monday (July 5) bagged another amazing milestone in his illustrious career as he took his tally to a jaw-dropping 1000 scalps.

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