How expensive is J Alexander’s?

J. Alexander’s Menu Prices

Item Size Price
Fish Sandwich Cut fresh daily with french fries $16.00
Veggie Burger Made in-house, topped with Monterey Jack $13.00
Old Fashioned Cheeseburger* With Tillamook cheddar $14.00
Steak Burger* Ground beef tenderloin and ribeye, Tillamook cheddar, grilled onions and Kiawah Island dressing $15.00

What is J Alexander’s known for?

J. Alexander’s is a contemporary American restaurant, known for its wood-fired cuisine. Our core philosophy is to provide you with the highest possible quality dining experience. The menu features a wide selection of American classics including prime rib of beef, steaks, fresh seafood, sandwiches and entrée salads.

What does the J in J Alexanders stand for?

The company was founded in 1971 as Volunteer Capital Corporation by three Nashville businessmen, Jack C. J. Alexander’s was acquired by Fidelity National Financial in 2012.

What is the difference between J Alexander’s and Redlands?

The J. Alexander’s restaurant at 7970 Washington Village Drive is morphing into Redlands Grill. The restaurant, which has operated as J. The rebranded restaurant also will incorporate more “farm-to-table vegetables” into its menu, Stout said.

Can you wear jeans to J Alexanders?

Casual to dressy. Your choice. We regularly go in jeans.

Does J Alexanders serve beer?

Yes full bar. over a year ago. Yes, this restaurant has a good selection of choice. over a year ago.

Does J Alexander’s do anything for birthdays?

Alexander’s for birthday gifts! Liven up any birthday party with a festive birthday flowers or surprise them with a cheerful “Happy Birthday” bouquet! We offer birthday flower delivery to Jackson, MI or nationwide. Show products available in your recipient’s area.

Is there a dress code for J Alexander’s?

Dress Code: We suggest collared shirts and closed toed shoes for gentlemen. We consider tank tops, overly provocative clothing, including offensive or profane language or images on clothing too informal for the dining experience we plan to provide.

Are J Alexander’s and Houston’s the same?

March 12, 2019 Updated: March 13, 2019 8:32 a.m. The restaurant group that operates J. Alexander’s and Redlands Grill concepts will open a new Houston restaurant in Uptown Park. Alexander’s return to Houston after it closed its restaurant at 11103 Westheimer near Wilcrest several years ago.

Can you order J Alexanders to go?

Alexander’s Holdings. The easiest way to place a carry out order is online though our website or the ChowNow app. Most of our locations offer curbside pickup. A 6% packaging fee will be added on to all carry out orders.

Who is the owner of J Alexander’s?

J. Alexander’s/Parent organizations

Does hillstone own J Alexander’s?

Alexander’s, the company also operates ten Stoney River Steakhouse & Grill restaurants (fka Stoney River Legendary Steaks). The move, naming the restaurant after its parent, Hillstone Restaurant Group, has not significantly affected the menu or pricing.

Is Redlands J Alexanders?

Alexander’s Holdings, Redlands Grill is the new name that some of the J. Alexander’s restaurants will have in the future. Also known as the J. Alexander’s – Redlands Grill, this restaurant chain is a traditional American cuisine restaurant.

What is J Alexander’s called now?

Redlands Grill Alexander’s rebranding as Redlands Grill.

What happened to J Alexander’s Restaurant?

Alexander’s Restaurant, Redlands Grill, Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill and selected other restaurants, today announced that the Company entered into a merger agreement under which SPB Hospitality LLC (“SPB Hospitality”) will acquire the Company in an all cash transaction valued at approximately $220 million.

What’s considered casual attire?

Casual is basically a non-dress code, and you can wear comfortable clothing. For Him: Think Homer Simpson. Tee shirt, jeans and sneakers are appropriate. You may also opt to step it up a notch with khakis, cargos, a polo shirt or henley and still fit in just fine.

Can you wear jeans to Stoney River?

No, casual, but nice place. Wait staff relatively formal dress.

Does Stony River have a dress code?

No. People wear anything from jeans to a suit. Most people probs wear nice casual, but it’s not super fancy.

Is J Alexander’s kid friendly?

Review of J Alexander’s Restaurant. Surprisingly kid friendly! hat a wonderful dinner.

Does Sedona Taphouse take reservations?

Reserve a Table. Thank you for choosing Sedona Taphouse! For the safety of our employees and guests, reservations are required to enter our dining room. Outside seating is available on a first come first served basis.

How many locations does J Alexanders have?

44 2017 J. Alexander’s/Number of locations

What’s free on your birthday?

25 Places That Will Give You Free Food on Your Birthday

  • BASKIN ROBBINS. Free Birthday Stuff:
  • BOOSTER JUICE. Free Birthday Stuff:
  • BOSTON PIZZA. Free Birthday Stuff:
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  • CINNABON. Free Birthday Stuff:
  • DAIRY QUEEN. Free Birthday Stuff:
  • DAVID’S TEA. Free Birthday Stuff:
  • DENNY’S.

What food can I get for free on my birthday?


  • T2 Tea- Free full-sized takeaway cup of tea for members.
  • Ali Baba- free kebab for members.
  • Boost Juice- free smoothie or juice if you are a member of its Vibe club.
  • Muffin Break- free muffin to enjoy at any time during your birthday month.
  • Jamaica Blue- free slice of cake during your birthday month.

Does McDonald’s give free food on your birthday?

McDonald’s. You can pick up a free Happy Meal on your birthday if you sign up for McDonald’s email newsletter. So, maybe save this one for your kid’s birthday.

Who owns the 99 Restaurant chain?

J. Alexander’s Holdings, Inc. J. Alexander’s Holdings, Inc., parent company of J. Alexander’s, Redlands Grill, Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill, and Lyndhurst Grill, announced it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 99 Restaurants, LLC in an all-stock transaction valued at about $199 million.

Where is Stoney River located?

Nashville, Tennessee Stoney River Legendary Steaks

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Nashville, Tennessee , United States
Number of locations 13
Parent J. Alexander’s

Is Lyndhurst grill closing?

The company’s Lyndhurst Grill is temporarily closed because of traffic limitations unique to the location. J. Alexander’s estimates the carryout model will generate 10 to 20 percent of normal weekly sales.

Who owns Houston’s Restaurant?

Hillstone Restaurant Group Houston’s Restaurant is part of a group of upscale American casual dining restaurants, owned by Hillstone Restaurant Group, whose main corporate headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona. Houston’s Restaurant.

Type Wholly owned subsidiary
Parent Hillstone Restaurant Group, Inc.

What restaurants are owned by J Alexander?

  • J. Alexander’s Holdings, LLC.
  • J. Alexander’s.
  • Redlands Grill.
  • Overland Park Grill.
  • Stoney River.
  • Merus Grill.

Did J Alexander’s sell?

J. Alexander’s Holdings, parent company of J. Alexander’s Restaurant, Redlands Grill and other restaurants, has sold to SPB Hospitality for $220 million in an all-cash transaction.

When was J Alexander’s founded?

1971 J. Alexander’s/Founded

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