How do you use the word affordably in a sentence?

The Sak boasts bags that are affordably priced. There are many affordably priced designer baby bags. Gibbs’s desire was to design products that were priced affordably for what they were. They’re affordably priced and targeted to teen girls as well as young adult women.


[KEY]What does the term affordability mean?[/KEY]

“The value of goods relative to the average purchasing power of individuals / families”. “When a large proportion of society (e.g. at least the top of the bottom quartile) can purchase a product / service.”


What is the adverb of affordable?

affordably. In an affordable manner; to an affordable degree.

What is the sentence of affordable?

Affordable sentence example. Our aim is to provide quality goods at affordable prices! The staff is attentive, and prices are affordable , considering the quality of the food. Here you’ll find stylish dresses at affordable prices.

How do you use the word comparably?

in a comparable manner or to a comparable degree.

  1. Earnings have risen comparably in the computer industry.
  2. Most studies have, however, reported that cyclosporin A comparably inhibited renal prostaglandin formation.
  3. The Senate’s vote followed a comparably strong vote in the House of Representatives.

How do you say cheap in a nice way?


  1. affordable,
  2. bargain-basement,
  3. budget,
  4. cheapie,
  5. cheapo,
  6. chintzy,
  7. cut-price.
  8. [chiefly British],

What is the closest meaning of affordable?

If something is affordable, it means its price is low enough that you (or most people) have enough money to buy it. Affordable is the adjective form of the verb afford. If you can afford something, you have enough money to pay for it.

What is it called when people are cheap?

cheapskate Add to list Share. A cheapskate is someone who is tight with money. Cheapskates don’t buy things they need, even when they have the money. Cheapskates would never lend or give money, and they hate spending money on gifts. A cheapskate can also be called a miser or a tightwad.

How is affordability calculated?

Preferred Measure: Affordability measured by the ratio of housing expenditure to income, sometimes referred to as the “traditional” measure of affordability. The measure compares a household’s gross income to its housing costs, including rent, mortgage payments and real estate taxes and insurance.


[KEY]Does affordable mean cheap?[/KEY]

If something is affordable, it’s priced reasonably, and you have enough money to buy it. The adjective affordable can either mean “cheap,” or it can imply that even if it’s expensive, you have enough money to easily buy it.


What is adverb for good?

Summary: Good is an adjective. It modifies a noun. Well is an adverb.


[KEY]Is Lazy A adverb?[/KEY]

lazily \\ -​zə-​lē \\ adverb We walked lazily down the path.


How would you describe a cheap price?

adjective, cheap·er, cheap·est. costing very little; relatively low in price; inexpensive: a cheap dress. charging low prices: a very cheap store. of little account; of small value; mean; shoddy: cheap conduct; cheap workmanship.

What is the meaning of budget friendly?

not too expensive; affordable.

How do you use interactive in a sentence?

Interactive in a Sentence 🔉

  1. During our kindergarten visit, the 8th graders became very interactive with the young children after getting to know them.
  2. Ms.
  3. Coupling difficult math problems with hands-on learning can create an interactive way to make Algebra more interesting to learn.

Is comparably reliable?

How accurate is Comparably and Glassdoor on salaries? I would say generally pretty accurate. There’s a lot of value in the quantity of data. I can’t speak to what other folks do but in Comparably’s case we benchmark all user contributed data with data from companies and recruiters.

What’s another way to say on the other hand?

What is another word for on the other hand?

contrastingly instead
on the flip side however
on the other side of the coin contrarily
oppositely nevertheless
nonetheless that said

What is another word for in contrast?

What is another word for in contrast?

on the other hand contrastingly
by contrast on the contrary
in reverse or rather
reversing it inversely
conversely however

What can I say cheap in English?

Different Ways To Say Cheap Good Deal – You got a good deal on the car. Low Cost – We live in a low cost housing project. Discount, – I got a discount on the cake. Low-end – I bought a low-end microwave.


[KEY]What is the opposite for affordable?[/KEY]

What is the opposite of affordable?

costly expensive
extravagant unaffordable
dear immoderate
pricy excessive
extortionate inflated


How do you say high quality?


  1. excellent.
  2. finest.
  3. first-rate.
  4. prime.
  5. superior.
  6. exclusive.
  7. five-star.
  8. shipshape.

How do you spot a cheap person?

11 Very Obvious Signs That You’re Dating a Cheap Person AKA Ba5il

  1. #1: He Talks About Money A LOT.
  2. #2: He Complains About Your Spending Habits ALL the Time.
  3. #3: He Always Has an Excuse for Not Having Enough Cash.
  4. #4: He Calls Himself ‘7arees’
  5. #5: Price Tags are What Matters.
  6. #6: Cheap Dates Are His Thing.

How do you know if a guy is stingy?

10 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Stingy

  1. He Doesn’t Buy Gifts.
  2. He’s Happy She Will Never Ask Him For Anything.
  3. He Always Complains About Money.
  4. Dinner Is Always On You.
  5. His Wardrobe Is Not Impressive.
  6. He Has The ATM Syndrome.
  7. He Ignores Big Days.
  8. He Calculates His Every Thebe.

What’s the difference between frugal and cheap?

According to “cheap” in the context we’re discussing means “stingy or miserly,” while “frugal” means “economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.” Basically, when someone is cheap or frugal, they try to keep their spending on the lower side.


[KEY]What is the formula for housing affordability?[/KEY]

Housing affordability is the ratio of the annual median family income (step 5) to the annual necessary income (step 4). The HAI multiplies this ratio by 100, providing the formula with A (affordability), MFI (median family income), and Q (necessary qualifying income) as follows: A = (MFI ÷ Q) x 100.


[KEY]Why affordability in a product is important?[/KEY]

Cheaper products tend to have less features, but sometimes outperform their more expensive counterparts. When it comes to usability and affordability, people are looking for the best product they can buy at the best price available.


[KEY]What is affordability payslip?[/KEY]

Affordability is a measurement used by lenders to assess whether you can afford to repay the amount you’re seeking to borrow, in addition to your current financial commitments.


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