How do you use aforementioned?

the aforementioned sth If you refer to the aforementioned person or subject, you mean the person or subject that has already been mentioned. There will be a declaration at the end of the aforementioned conference.


[KEY]Is aforementioned a good word?[/KEY]

Once you’ve written about something, it can then be referred to as aforementioned. You already know that to mention something is to bring it up, so if you consider that afore sounds a little like before, you’ll know that aforementioned is simply something that’s been said previously.


What does dists mean?


Acronym Definition
DIST District
DIST Distance
DIST Distribution
DIST Distinct


[KEY]How do you write aforementioned in a sentence?[/KEY]

Examples of ‘aforementioned’ in a sentence aforementioned

  1. It was once the family home of the aforementioned poet.
  2. An abbey three miles southwest, almost on the doorstep of the aforementioned hamlet.
  3. I am motoring east on a bracing winter’s day towards the aforementioned town.


What is the difference between aforementioned and forementioned?

As adjectives the difference between forementioned and aforementioned. is that forementioned is mentioned earlier or above; already cited while aforementioned is previously mentioned.

What is the difference between aforementioned and abovementioned?

is that abovementioned is (literary) mentioned above while aforementioned is previously mentioned.


[KEY]What is a full meaning of aforementioned?[/KEY]

mentioned before : mentioned before : spoken about or named earlier. See the full definition for aforementioned in the English Language Learners Dictionary. aforementioned. adjective.


Can I use aforementioned as a noun?

(uncountable) The one or ones mentioned previously. The judge read a list of prisoners’ names. She then indicated that the aforementioned were to be set free.

What does aforementioned date mean?

adj usually prenominal (chiefly in legal documents) stated or mentioned before or already.

What does RN stand for?

Registered Nurse The True Definition of a Registered Nurse.

What does Sgt stand for?

sergeant title noun. Sgt is the written abbreviation for sergeant when it is used as a title.

Is DIST a Scrabble word?

No, dist is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is meant by undermentioned?

: mentioned below : included in the list that follows : following.

What does Forenamed mean?

: named previously : aforesaid.

Is aforementioned outdated?

‘Aforementioned’ sounds too formal and even it could be archaic. You can use ‘above mentioned’ as an attributive adjective phrase.

Is Aforelisted a word?

Listed earlier in a document.

Is aforementioned hyphenated?

It started out in life as above-mentioned, but it’s no longer hyphenated and has become one word, just as its predecessor, aforementioned, did. As you can see, in this group, two words are used when they are a verb + a preposition, and one word is used when it’s a noun.


[KEY]What is the difference between Afore and before?[/KEY]

As adverbs the difference between before and afore is that before is at an earlier time while afore is (dialect) before.


[KEY]Can I use aforementioned in an essay?[/KEY]

Yes. A previous comment suggests aforementioned is too bureaucratic.


What is mentioned above?

used in written language to mean that something has already been mentioned earlier in the same document.

Is it Beforementioned or aforementioned?

As adjectives the difference between aforementioned and beforementioned. is that aforementioned is previously mentioned while beforementioned is previously mentioned.

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