How do you perform an Allen’s test?

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What is positive Allen’s test?

A positive Allen test means that the patient may not have an adequate dual blood supply to the hand, which would be a contraindication for catheterization, radial forearm flap harvest, or any procedure that may result in occlusion of the vessel.[7][8]

Why do we do Allen test?

Before drawing blood for an arterial blood gas test, your health professional will make sure that both arteries are open and working correctly. A procedure called the Allen test may be used to find out if the blood flow to your hand is normal.

What is a normal Allen test?

Allen test. Normal (positive) Your hand quickly becomes warm and returns to its normal colour. This means that one artery alone will be enough to supply blood to your hand and fingers. Abnormal (negative)

What do you do if the Allen test is negative?

Negative modified Allen test – If the hand does not flush within 5-15 seconds, it indicates that ulnar circulation is inadequate or nonexistent; in this situation, the radial artery supplying arterial blood to that hand should not be punctured.

What is Allen test in nursing?

(ăl′ĕn) 1. A bedside test used to evaluate the patency of the arteries of the hand before arterial puncture. The patient elevates the hand and repeatedly makes a fist while the examiner places digital occlusive pressure over the radial and ulnar arteries at the wrist.

Which Pulse site is used for Allen test?

Allen’s test is performed by occluding both radial and ulnar arteries at the wrist, emptying the hand of blood by repeatedly making a fist, and releasing one of the arteries.

How do you check circulation in your fingers?

How to check: Compare the temperature of both sides. If fingers or toes are cold, put a blanket on to cover the fingers or toes and check again in one hour. Normal: Pink within 3 seconds or less. Less than 3 seconds is rapid.

How far under the skin is the radial artery?

The anterior wall of the typical radial artery is 3 mm under the skin, so a lot of depth is not necessary.

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